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If you are hearing scratching or gnawing and scurrying noises behind your walls (mainly at night), or see feces in your attic, you may have a rodent problem. Rodents can gain access to your walls in your home through numerous areas around your home. Upon inspection, we will do an evaluation of possible and confirmed entry points, and give pricing and recommendations for treatment.

Our services are a cut above the competition's because:

  • The owner of our company, who is an industry expert with an extensive background in rat control, will evaluate your rodent infestation and personally oversee the formation of a solution, ensuring the best possible results.
  • We will provide you with an honest assessment of the problem and never try to sell you a service that isn't absolutely necessary.
  • We provide you with a rodent exclusion service that comes with a 1 year warranty for the work we performed.

Additionally, once you've trusted us with your rodent control work, we offer our customers an option to upgrade to a lifetime rodent exclusion warranty by signing up for our Four Season's Quarterly Perimeter Pest Control Program, without having to sign the usual one-year contract. This is an affordable way to prevent common insects – such as ants, roaches, and spiders – from ever getting into your home. Because these treatments are applied to your home's exterior, you won't need to be present while this service takes place, which makes it highly convenient for you. And, you can rest easy knowing that as a Four Seasons customer, we'll provide you with unlimited free service calls for covered insects.


Every Rodent Program Program is Backed by our 1 year warranty — and "Qualifying for Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. Lifetime Rodent Exclusion Plan is Simple"
* If you are a current or future residential customer enrolled in our 4 Seasons Pest Control program (with consistent service and in good standing)
* If you have hired us in the past for rodent control
Then you will receive and have your Rodent Control Program/Exclusion Service extended to lifetime in the home that was rodent proofed by Nelson's Pest Control, Inc.

In addition this rodent warranty may be transferable to a new office for more details.

To schedule a service call or to learn more about our Tampa rodent control & rodent removal services that we provide for homes and businesses, contact Nelsons Pest Control today.
In Tampa and Hillsborough county call (813) 994-1166 or in St. Pete, Pinellas and Pasco county Call (727) 372-1175

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Google Reviews

Reviewer Dan Roney
5 Star Review
We recently moved to our home and I always noticed ants outside the house. I sprayed and they would be gone, but resurface elsewhere. I missed seeing them one time and it was too late. They had made their way up the front of the house and through the eaves and were coming down everywhere in the bathroom. After 2 days of vacuuming ants and...(Read More)

Reviewer Vinney Murdico Vinney Murdico
5 Star Review
David is a great guy. He came out to treat a possible yellowjacket nest in my shrubs and determined it wasn't a nest at all, but sooty mold on the plants attracting the yellowjackets to the plants from elsewhere. He explained what was causing it and how to treat it and didn't charge me for the visit. It's hard to find honest, knowledgeable vendors these days who ...(Read More)